What is Biological Dentistry?

Biological dentists, also known as holistic-, or environmental dentists, believe that your teeth are an integral part of your body and your overall health.

They recognize that your oral and dental health can have a major influence on other processes in your body.

Here are some resources on how to locate one as well as 12 important questions you’ll want to ask them. Find a Biological Dentist that Can Treat You Holistically

and some tips here: Bio-compatible dentistry

And another interesting article to read if you have the time:
Has the Dental Work in Your Mouth Turned You Into a Walking Antenna?

The above information may help you choose a dentist that meets your needs.

I do not place mercury amalgam fillings and I have been removing mercury amalgam fillings using safe protocols for many years now, and replacing them with bio-compatible materials. 

Depending on the size, some fillings can be replaced with composite material and others can be replaced with a Cerec (TM) – crowns in one appointment.


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