Tooth Abscesses

Tooth abscesses are very, very common. Frequently they are painless. Many people with such abscess when told reply along the lines that they do not have any trouble, so why worry. There is no pain so they have no concern.

A tooth abscess above the front tooth.

An abscess is a ball of infection and is full of “nasty bacteria”. These bacteria produce toxins and pus, (the body’s response in trying to fight these “Nasties” is to produce Pus). The pus can sometimes be seen as a “Gum Boil”.

The toxins from this abscess will travel through the body and can damage body organs such as the heart and kidneys.  Researchers have shown that 25% of heart attacks can have an origin from mouth infection from tooth abscess and gum disease.

Most dental abscess can only be picked up with a scanning panoramic x-ray machine. We have digital panoramic x-ray machine at our Taradale practice.

An abscess continually slowly grows, and as it grows bone is resorbed away. This is especially a big problem in the upper jaw area, as eventually the abscess could eat its way into the sinus area, and when this happens, some very dramatic medical issues can result.

Lack of pain in the mouth is not an indicator of dental health.

Most cancers grow slowly and with no pain, and it’s the same with an abscess. In the case of cancer, it is often too late to survive when the pain sets in and the diagnosis is made.  The late stage for an infected tooth abscess, results in facial swelling and a great deal of pain.

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