Tomorrows Dentistry Today

“The Dentist” and “Tomorrows Dentistry today“is a catch-phrase to describe our philosophy and approach.

I believe that in modern dentistry there is absolutely no place for amalgam fillings. Materials that are well accepted by the body do not include the old mercury silver amalgam fillings that are still widely used worldwide. When these fillings are being replaced with modern tooth coloured fillings I believe the minimum requirement is to protect exposure from the mercury being released and so all treatment is carried out safely under a rubber dam.

Teeth are restored with either composite or ceramic restorations. Ceramic restorations are used to fill broken teeth and/or previously heavily filled teeth. What are the benefits of ceramic restorations? These restorations use computer generated design systems that enable the restoration to be compiled in one appointment as opposed to the conventional ceramic restorations be constructed in a dental lab with two appointments needed two weeks apart. Crowns in one appointment provide greater convenience and comfort as well as saving money.

In our younger patients especially the adolescent, my motto is “find the problem early and treat it small.” Special laser lights can detect early decay in the fissures (grooves) on the biting surfaces before they can be seen by x-ray. These can be cleaned out painlessly using technology called “Air abrasion” usually completely drill-free. (I am now part of the FREE adolescent dental scheme).

Early decay can also be removed using another special dental laser. What are the benefits of a laser approach to dentistry? Lasers are kind to teeth and don’t “knock” the tooth around and do not leave micro cracks in teeth. Laser therapy greatly reduces the risk of the tooth breaking again. Broken teeth are something that is all too common in heavily filled amalgam restored teeth that is all too familiar to the baby boomers.

Now that summer is upon us and many of us want to look good Tooth Whitening is available. This can be done in house with the aid of special activating lights, or at your leisure at home using special customized whitening trays. Many people who want to look good in wedding photographs seek the help of the dentist.

My approach is to try and create an easy relaxing totally non judgmental approach to your dental health. Some people feel embarrassed to seek help as they are concerned the dentist may tell them off. My job is to help and never to criticize.

If you are really apprehensive about dental treatment then you are not alone. Treatment for the “dental Phobic” can be achieved using intravenous sedation.

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