The Adolescent and Dentistry

The government funds FREE dental treatment for all children up to the age of 18.

 From aged 3 to secondary school age children go and see a school dental therapist. These used to be called the school dental nurses.

 From secondary age children can go to a dentist who is registered with the Government Funded Adolescent Scheme (for Adolescents Year 9 [Form 3] until 18th Birthday) of which I am now part.

I firmly believe that developing good positive habits from a young age as far as dental health is concerned will set a young person up for life with a positive attitude to dentistry and their own oral health .

I will endeavor to demonstrate how teeth should be brushed and give training on the use of dental floss.

Diet and its connection to oral health will be discussed. In other words, the adolescent dental visit is about coming and seeing a “Dental Coach”.

Most early cavities can be treated painlessly with “Air Abrasion” and/or “Lasers” . Find a dental problem early and treat it small and painlessly. Regular annual dental visits from Year 9 onwards should ensure that those precious adult teeth are cared for well enough to  last a lifetime.

If you have a child of secondary school age please feel free to enroll them at “The Dentists” Taradale so I might have a chance to encourage a positive response to dental care for life . Children in this age group are very teachable and that is my aim –TO TEACH

Phone 06 8442718 for an appointment

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