Dental Fillings Without Drilling!

The majority of people do not like going to visit their dentist, let alone like getting dental fillings.

The two main reasons are:
– They are usually in pain and are expecting more pain from filling and drilling, and
– They are worried about how much money it is going to cost them.
Can you imagine how a dentist feels; most people do not like going to see them!

What is microdentistry (dental fillings without drilling)?

So can microdentistry (also known as Minimally Invasive Dentistry – MID for short) help?  Yes, it can with a proviso – that people make regular visits to the dental office every 6 to 12 months.  Many people are not aware that dental decay does not cause pain until the final stages.  Just like the advice given for cancer early detection is the best protection  so it is for dental decay.

Microdentistry treats decay early (when it is very tiny) before it becomes painful and causes major tooth damage resulting in very tiny dental fillings.  This is low-cost cosmetic dentistry!

My job as a dentist is to give you an oral assessment (digital x-rays, laser diagnostics and physical oral examination) to determine whether microdentistry or traditional dentistry will be required for your oral health.

Traditional (macro) dentistry means those high pitched whining drills and face numbing anaesthetic.  Although many people cannot avoid traditional dentistry, most can benefit from microdentistry procedures that make your dental experience more pleasurable than you may have ever experienced in the past.

Microdentistry is the practise of early detection and early treatment with minimally invasive revolutionary methods.

Pain Free Waterlase Dentistry – 1 minute video